Disassembling the unit

Tuner. Nothing exceptional here. All soldering looks good, nothing loosed.
Front Cover. Lots of small screws holding it in place.
Back Panel. Nothing out of ordinary.
Speaker Connectors. Looking nice.
Mainboard-Transformer connection.
Here's where Technics design team have messed up. Dropped the ball. They have made this connection to look like it can be pulled apart, where in fact, it is not possible.
If you give your receiver to a couple of repairman, they are bound to try to pull those parts apart, and you get what is visible in following picture:
I am somewhat hopeful that the unit might start to work ok after I re-solder this connection, but it doesn't look good.
This connection is more likely to appear as the result of dreaded "overload error" that the cause of it. Other that that, board looks quite all right, no apparent fault visible to the naked eye.

There's one more thing that gets me upset with Technics.
Why would they construct the receiver without ground wire incorporated into power supply cord? Does that makes any sense?
Overload error might just come as result of that kind of thinking.
If you look at the service manual, the unit is meant to ground by every user individually, connecting the ground wire at the back of the panel.

Capacitors look just right.
All comments are appreciated.

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